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Shito-Ryu Karate-Do

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The Japan Karate Institute at Jikishin-Kai

'Karate-do' is a Japanese term which generally translates as "Empty Hand Way". The ultimate goal of Karate-do training is the pursuit of perfection of self. The extent to which Karate-do or any other way of life will enhance your character is dependent upon two things, (your character and desires) and your mind (your determination) to succeed. Victory is decided by the strength of your heart. Karate-do develops strong body, strong mind, and taking responsibility.

K - Kindness: learn to help Junior students and support others

A - Attitude: having a positive and healthy attitude

R - Respect: to respect myself and others

A - Achievement: striving to reach my hopes and dreams

T - Triumph: having good leadership and never giving up

E - Education: learning proper etiquette, morals and self awareness

D - Dicipline: learning self-mastery

O - Optimism: learning to "change poison into medicine"

Although Karate-do is known to be an effective form of self-defense, it is also an equally effective form of mental and physical self-improvement, for adults and children alike. Through regular Karate-do training, the mind and body work together to become a unified force for self-protection. Karate-do training also provides vigorous exercise from which one can improve muscular and cardiovascular development as well as improving balance, coordination and reflexes.

Japan Karate-Do Shito-Ryu

Shito-Ryu is the style of Karate-do that is one of the major authentic styles of Japanese Karate-do which is still taught staying very close to its traditional Okinawan roots. You can learn personal safety, proper etiquette, and good leadership and also learn how to move (coordination and good balance), blocking, punching, kicking and escaping (Jujutsu).

For more information about learning traditional Shito-Ryu Karate-do,
please call or us. Please also see information regarding Kenzo Mabuni Soke.

Information about local JKI San Diego Dojo Classes and Hours can be found here.