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Muso-Ryu Jojutsu

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Shindo Muso-Ryu Jo-Do (Jutsu)


Shindo Muso Ryu Jo-Do is a Japanese traditional martial arts samurai weapon which is about 400 years old founded by Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi using a 4 foot long plain oak wood. While this wooden stick had a peaceful, non-threatening look, it changed to become a tremendous weapon. The Jo weapon didn't have a handle, pointed edge or sharp blade.

Jo techniques use thrusting, sweeping, and striking as the main techniques. But uses both left and right sides equally. It also uses one-hand, two-hand, and flipping techniques.

Jo-Do is based on true fighting techniques, and also teaches defending techniques, etiquette (manners), concentration, focus, and understanding distance. Jo-Do training prepares you to learn the best self defense against the weakness of the sword. Jo-Do training also trains you to defend against other weapons.