Pandemic-proof small business niches

Most local businesses took a hit because of the pandemic that harshly impacted almost all types of enterprises worldwide. Only a small percentage of businesses reported that they were not affected by the lockdowns and that they have even profited from it.

For this reason, some business owners, and even those who may have lost their jobs during the height of the pandemic are looking into opening a new business, and a more resilient income stream. This article will discuss some opportunities worth looking into.

Opening a digital marketing agency

One of the businesses that have a low capital expenditure and upfront expense is a digital marketing agency. Most people who are adept at online marketing would readily have the tools for the trade. A mobile phone, a laptop, and office supplies. All he needs to do is to register the business and obtain the necessary licenses and permits to start operating.

Digital marketing agencies are in demand right now since most enterprises have shifted to online-based services and deliveries. digital marketing is also crucial for every local business since it is the easiest way to reach a target audience. Professionals who are knowledgeable about marketing, search engine optimization, advertising and analytics, web design, and app development have the opportunity to establish this type of marketing agency.

App development businesses

Since most local businesses, especially small and business enterprises need applications that could help their business thrive further in the new normal. App development has become a profitable income stream that experienced and knowledgeable individuals could get into.

Commercial cleaning enterprise

Having a cleaning business has become profitable and has even seen a rising demand amid the pandemic lockdowns. Cleanliness is emphasized and required more than ever at the onset of the pandemic, and the demand for it is not seen to wane soon.

Assembling a crew of reliable and trustworthy commercial cleaners and arming them with the right equipment, plus effective digital marketing are sure-fire ways of making this business work. And the good thing about the commercial cleaning niche is that both residential property owners, and business owners could be a client.

Online tutorial agency

Before the pandemic hit, some families hire tutors for their children. Some even go to tutorial centers to reinforce the knowledge taught to them in school. And even if schools have reopened already, most parents may now prefer hiring virtual tutors. Having an online tutorial agency can be profitable as long as the business owner has a knack for teaching, mastery of the subjects he plans to teach, and the network of other possible virtual tutors to hire in case the demand would swell.

Moreover, tutorial services will not be limited to academic subjects. virtual tutoring could also expand into arts and music. Musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin, and the like may also be learned virtually, and so is painting and other forms of art.

Dropshipping enterprise

Since online delivery services are the name of the game post lockdowns, more and more consumers are now relying on shipping and delivery services. Delivery services may be saturated in most localities, but the good news is, some niches are not covered yet. For instance, those that are beyond basic goods are not usually included in delivery apps, and some local businesses have yet to join mainstream shipping services because of the costs. Take advantage of these, and open a localized dropshipping enterprise that provides direct delivery services from stores or suppliers to the local client base.   

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